Sling TV Refreshes UI on Apple TV and Roku Devices

Over the past week, you may have noticed some changes to your Sling TV user interface (UI) on Apple TV and Roku devices. We are constantly listening to customer feedback and have been hard at work making changes to deliver a seamless user experience. Recently, we’ve unveiled several updates to our UI on both of these devices, making it easier to navigate through content and watch your favorite shows and movies.

The UI improvements have already rolled out to all Apple TV users and will begin rolling out to Roku users today.

Apple TV

Information View

You’ll notice that the top half of your Sling TV screen now features information about the tiles of content as you scroll over them. This allows you to start streaming content even faster than before, as you only need to click once to start watching. The “My TV,” “On Now,” “Guide” and other tabs can now be found in the center of your Sling TV screen. And, by swiping up on the information header from anywhere in the app, you’ll be brought back to the tabs menu.  

You may also notice that when switching between channels and returning to the channel you were previously watching, you no longer receive a pop-up asking you to resume playing, watch live or start from the beginning. We’ve removed this pop-up so you can start watching TV faster, with fewer interruptions. For more information, visit our Help Center.

New Search

The new search screen on Apple TV automatically displays “Popular Searches,” allowing you to quickly browse through the most searched-for content each day. Plus, when you search for content, results will be organized into categories like “Top Results,” “Movies,” “Shows” and “Channels,” so you can easily find what you’re looking for.


Get Info Before You Watch

When selecting content, the information view now has a full-screen design, featuring images and information about other available seasons on Sling.


You no longer need to scroll back through content to get to the beginning of a ribbon – now, when you browse through rows, it will loop back to the beginning of the list once you reach the end.

Selection Color

Easily identify where you are in a ribbon or list of content by a blue outline that appears around your current selection.

Player Controls

We’ve updated the layout of our player controls, so you can easily play, pause and record content, as well as add shows to your favorites, turn on closed captioning and more. By scrolling down, you’ll also be able to recall multiple recent channels.

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Sling Staff