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Politics Sacks Pigskins Viewing on Sling TV

Politics and pigskins – what an incredible evening of television. The hot question at Sling HQ last night was, which program would attract more viewers? We know our customers love football, but last night it wasn’t even close. At its peak, the debate had 68 percent more viewers than football – Clinton versus Trump sacked football on Monday night. And just in case you were wondering just how popular these events were, we shattered all previous viewership records.

First, it was clear that when the debate started, it grew in viewership very quickly compared to the football game.

Download infographic

Second, once you started watching the debate, you couldn’t stop. More than 10x as many people watched the debate in its entirety vs football on Sling Orange.

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Third, 53 percent of total Sling Orange viewership tuned in to CNN throughout the night.

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What’s more, it was interesting to see which states tuned into the debates, and which states stayed plugged into the football game (here’s looking at you, Louisiana).

All times in the heat map are in Mountain Time. For easy reference, below are the key events that occurred throughout the night.

• 6:30 p.m. MT – Pro football kickoff
• 7 p.m. MT – Debate starts
• 8 p.m. MT – Pro football halftime
• 8:35 p.m. MT – Debate ends
• 9:30 p.m. MT – Pro football game ends

For a complete view of these stats, download the full infographic.

Thanks to everyone who signed up for a free preview of Sling TV to check out the debates, football and the Best of Live TV™. We know, no one makes it easier to watch the programming you love and hope you’ll join us again in the future.

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Roger Lynch
Sling TV, CEO

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