The Lowdown with James Yon

AFRO brings polycultural television to Sling TV’s Lifestyle Extra

Today we launched AFRO, a polycultural Black television network in our “Lifestyle Extra.” AFRO provides live linear and on-demand television, in addition to exclusive and original afro-centric movies and series, including late night shows (“The Samy Priso Show”), talk shows (“Journey”), fashion shows (“Style Check”) and comedies (“Viral Breakdown”). AFRO joins other popular channels in…

Get Picky Barista

Get Picky with Sling’s New Ad Campaign for A La Carte TV

What are you picky about? Maybe it’s your skinny soy iced pumpkin spice latte with extra whip. Maybe your Spotify playlists are meticulously organized by BPM for your workouts. Or maybe it’s your refusal to date anyone who wears cargo shorts. You see, we’ve never had more opportunities to customize and control our lives. So here’s the…

Tribeca Shortlist

Watch celebrity-approved, critically acclaimed movies on Sling TV with Tribeca Shortlist

I am thrilled to announce that today Sling TV is adding critically acclaimed films to our on-demand library with the launch of Tribeca Shortlist. The new channel features a library including hundreds of award-winning movies that come personally recommended by Hollywood insiders like Dev Patel and David Oyelowo, so you know they’re good. Whether you…