New Features Launch on Xbox, LG and Samsung Devices

New Sling TV Search Interface on Xbox

At Sling, our number one job is to make sure you have a great entertainment experience, and that starts with bringing you features that deliver a seamless user experience across all our devices. Recently we have been working on changes to Xbox, LG and Samsung devices, making it easier for you to navigate through content and watch your favorite shows and movies.

If you watch Sling on Xbox or an LG or Samsung smart TV, you’ll notice a couple upgraded features in your Sling experience: new search and micro guide.

New Search

With new search, the search box and keyboard are now on the left side of your screen, making the keyboard easier to navigate. The Search page default view will show “Popular Searches,” allowing you to quickly browse through the most searched-for content each day. Additionally, when you search for content, results will be organized into categories like “Top Results,” “Movies,” “Shows” and “Channels,” so you can easily find what you’re looking for. And as always, you can view your most recent searches at a glance, now located at the bottom left of your screen.

Micro Guide

We’ve upgraded the guide that appears when you’re watching a program to a smaller “Micro Guide,” making it easier to see what’s on other channels without obscuring your screen. We also made it easier to navigate with new channel filters at the top of the Micro Guide, so you can view what’s on live on “My Channels,” “Premiums,” “Sports” and more.

Sling TV micro guide on Xbox

We hope you love these new features on Xbox and LG and Samsung smart TVs! We are constantly listening to customer feedback to improve your Sling experience–check back here to learn about new features as they roll out!

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Sling Staff