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Sling TV Says “Bienvenue” to Fans of French TV with Launch of New Packages

Starting today, we’re bringing the best of French TV directly to fans here in the U.S. Rather than just offer a one-size-fits-all French package, we created two options so that consumers can select the one that best fits their viewing needs and preferences.

The “French Bouquet” pack is designed for viewers who want a wide variety of channels spanning everything from news, lifestyle, movies, kids, sports and general entertainment. At $15 per month it contains 34 French and English language channels including TV5MONDE Info, TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand, TV5MONDE Style, France 24, TiVi5MONDE, beIN SPORTS (which carries Ligue 1), Euronews, Eurochannel, Trace Urban, Trace Sport Stars, and more.

The “Français Extra” pack is designed for viewers who want to supplement our English “Best of Live TV” packages (Sling Orange, Sling Blue or Sling Orange + Blue) with French programming. At $5 per month it contains four channels including TV5MONDE Cinema on Demand (SVOD), France 24, TiVi5MONDE and Trace Urban.

The launch of the French packages marks the fourth European language group offered on Sling TV (with German, Italian and Polish packages also available), and the 21st language on Sling TV overall. Continuing to expand the channels and packages available to fans of international content continues to be a priority for Sling TV.

For more information on the French Bouquet pack, visit www.sling.com/french, and to read more about the Français Extra pack, visit www.sling.com and expand the section under the heading “Add Channels – Sports, Spanish TV, International TV & More.”

Bonne séance télé!

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Izabela Slowikowska
Vice President of International Programming