Law & Crime Rewind Takes You Inside the Courtroom For the Biggest Cases

There are a few different ways to get inside a courtroom — jury duty, indictment — but none are half as fun as watching Law & Crime. The specialty network — created by TV’s trusted legal expert Dan Abrams — offers real-time courtroom coverage of the biggest and most compelling trails and legal cases. Aided by the network’s team of journalists and lawyers, Law & Crime offers clear, comprehensive coverage of the most important cases in the legal system.

And thanks to Law & Crime Rewind, it’s now free on Sling TV. A 72-hour delayed version of Law & Crime, Law & Crime Rewind has the same programming as its sister network. That means hours of coverage of high-profile cases like the Harvey Weinstein rape trail, the Donald Hartung murder trial, and the sentencing of the man convicted of shooting Live PD trooper James Casey. All of these examples are pulled from a random Wednesday; with 72 hours of notice, you can catch up on the biggest cases after the gavel bangs.

So whether there’s a particular trial you want to follow or you’re simply interested in seeing the mechanics of our criminal justice system without the gloss of Hollywood, Law & Crime Rewind is a truly unique network. It’s the closest you can come to the courtroom without being arrested.

Click here to watch right now on Sling Free, or visit their full page to add Law & Crime to your Sling subscription.