Slingers – Here’s How to Watch the Big Game for Free!

Whether you’re rooting for New England or Los Angeles (or are only interested in the snacks and commercials), the professional football championship game is one you shouldn’t miss! While CBS is not available on Sling TV, there are still plenty of ways for Slingers to catch the big game for free this Sunday at 6:30 p.m. ET!

How to Watch the Big Game for Free

  • OTA Antenna – With an over-the-air (OTA) antenna, you can access live HD content on NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC and more – absolutely free! Local broadcast channel availability varies based on geography. That means you can watch must-see sporting events and popular TV show premieres that air on local channels without increasing your Sling TV bill. See all our antenna deals at
  • AirTV – Upgrade your OTA setup with AirTV. This little black box lets you record local channels, get your locals integrated into your Sling TV app and stream to multiple TVs in your house or a mobile device. To find out more about recording local channels with AirTV, check out
  • Locast – If you live in Denver, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Houston or Dallas, you can watch local channels, including the big game on CBS, for free using the Locast app on Roku devices or by visiting
  • CBS Sports – Go to to stream the game in your browser for free, no authentication required, or watch the game on the go with the CBS Sports app.

Get More Out of Game Day

  • The Big Game in Spanish – ¿Hablas Español? Sling TV will have the professional football championship game en Español on ESPN Deportes, part of “Best of Spanish TV” ($5 per month) for Sling Orange customers.
  • Pre- and Post-Game – Catch all the pre- and post-game coverage beginning at 9 a.m. ET on NFL Network (available in Sling Blue for $25 per month).
  • Kitten Bowl – Not so into the game? Watch the Kitten Bowl at 2 p.m. ET on the Hallmark Channel, available in Lifestyle Extra ($5 per month) for Sling Orange and/or Sling Blue customers.

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Dana McLeod

Vice President of Programming, Sling TV