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Get Picky with Sling’s New Ad Campaign for A La Carte TV

What are you picky about? Maybe it’s your skinny soy iced pumpkin spice latte with extra whip. Maybe your Spotify playlists are meticulously organized by BPM for your workouts. Or maybe it’s your refusal to date anyone who wears cargo shorts. You see, we’ve never had more opportunities to customize and control our lives. So here’s the big question — why haven’t we been able to be picky with TV?

Now, we can. In support of picky people everywhere, today we launched a new ad campaign featuring award-winning actor (and our favorite consumer champion), Danny Trejo. If you liked Danny in Breaking BadSpy Kids and From Dusk Til Dawn, you’ll love him in these commercials. Danny flips the script from our last campaign, “Who’s Bad?!” to instead empower consumers to get picky with their TV.  In these new ads, debuting today in English and next Monday in Spanish, Danny helps consumers embrace their pickiness. From their complicated coffee orders, to composing their perfect playlist, to choosing the group vacation rental that accommodates everyone, we’re led hilariously to the finale — get picky, and get the TV you want with Sling’s A La Carte TV.

So check out the new campaign in the spots featured below. I hope you laugh as hard as I did, and moreover, I hope you feel empowered to get picky with your TV.

Stay tuned for even more to come from the “Get Picky” campaign. And if you want to share thoughts (or maybe just an LOL), find me on Twitter: @Glennse.

Why “Get Picky?”

We kept hearing the same thing from our consumers – we want A La Carte TV at an affordable price. Our mission became clear: empower people to be picky with their TV. With A La Carte TV from Sling, you get the choice, control and customization in what matters most to you. A La Carte TV means you can personalize your channel lineup. It means you can add Extras to your base service from the genres you love, like sports, comedy, kids, lifestyle, movies & more. It means you can change your service anytime, and add Cloud DVR when you want it. Customize your experience by choosing our original show guide or the new grid guide to find your favorite shows. And with Sling Orange, no more having to pay for locals you can already get with your over-the-air antenna.

A La Carte TV means no useless channels, no long-term contracts, no hidden fees, and easy online cancellation — A La Carte TV is TV on your terms.

Check out the infographic below to find out just why and how we’re bringing you A La Carte TV and the power to get picky, all at an industry-leading low price.

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Glenn Eisen

Chief Marketing Officer, Sling TV

#GetPicky  #ALaCarteTV

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