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Watch Danny Trejo ‘Get Picky’ with TV in new Sling ads

We all have things we’re particular about –  whether it’s that you’re a die-hard dessert person, or that a sunroof and leather interior are non-negotiables on a new set of wheels. In nearly every aspect of our lives, we’re able to tailor our experiences to suit our tastes. You like what you like.

At Sling TV, we’re here to support your “picky” tendencies and give you even more ways to indulge in the things you love.

In support of picky people everywhere, today we launched a new ad campaign featuring our favorite consumer champion and award-winning actor, Danny Trejo. If you liked Danny in Breaking Bad, Spy Kids and From Dusk Til Dawn, you’ll love him in these commercials. Danny flips the script from our last campaign, “Who’s Bad!?” to empower consumers in being more picky with their TV.

The new ads, which debut today in English and will appear next Monday in Spanish, feature Danny helping consumers embrace the pickiness (like ordering your latte or choosing a perfect vacation rental) and use it to get the TV they want, from Sling TV, of course. That’s because Sling is the only TV provider that gives YOU the power to pick your personal channel line-up from genres like sports, comedy, lifestyle, kids, news, movies and more. Pick a base service, starting at $20 per month, then add only the Extras and premium channels you want, plus add DVR and choose your favorite device to watch TV.

We’ll be launching additional ads from the campaign in the coming months, and we can’t wait to share them with you! Let us know what you think of the new campaign – check out the first two ads below, tweet, share and tell us how you’re going to get picky with TV!

Want even more ways to customize your TV? Check out our infographic that shows you exactly how Sling TV is different.

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Glenn Eisen

Chief Marketing Officer, Sling TV


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