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At Sling TV, we’re all about choice, listening to our customers and giving them control over their entertainment experience. That’s why we were the first to deliver a new pay-TV model with no long-term contracts, no hidden fees, no cable guy, no credit checks and no useless channels. As we’ve grown, we’ve also seen our customers become more diverse in what they want from their TV. Some consumers want a skinny “bundle;” others want to pick and choose the specific channel genres like sports; while others want a true cable replacement service. The good news is all these consumer needs can be achieved with Sling TV and all at an industry-leading low price!

Most people tell us they don’t want the “big, bigger, biggest” bundles that come with old-TV packaging like cable and DirecTV Now. But, as more consumers leave traditional pay-TV services, we’re seeing a growing consumer segment that is looking for a bigger channel lineup. Because of your feedback, we created a multi-Extra discount for everyone who wants a big channel lineup without the “Old TV” model. With our new “4 Extras Deal,” you can now subscribe to four Extras: Kids Extra, Lifestyle Plus Extra, Comedy Plus Extra and News Extra, all for just $10 per month (previously $20 per month). Families now benefit from best-in-class programming at an industry-leading price!

That means when you take advantage of our 4 Extras Deal, you can get 70 networks for $30 with our Sling Orange service, 80 networks for $35 with Sling Blue, or 90 networks for $50 for customers who subscribe to both Sling Orange and Sling Blue. Even better, customers who already subscribe to Kids Extra, Lifestyle Plus Extra, Comedy Plus Extra and News Extra will automatically see the multi-Extra discount reflected on their next bill. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for choosing Sling TV.

With this new multi-Extra discount, we’re bringing you even more choice, so you can pick a TV service tailored to you. Just want the basics? Subscribe to our Sling Orange or Sling Blue core services. Love sports? Get Sports Extra without paying for other content you don’t watch. Want all the channels? You can now get more Extras for less, so that everyone in the family is happy and you can keep your monthly price low.

Unlike the “other guys,” who have just replicated the traditional old TV model and only allow you to choose between big, bigger and biggest bundles, Sling TV lets you customize your package and create an affordable entertainment experience based on the channels and shows you love.

Sling TV’s model is centered around providing consumers with choice and control. This consumer-friendly model is further advantaged by industry-leading pricing. And now, we even beat DirecTV Now at their old TV pricing game:

If you haven’t experienced these four Extras, now is the perfect time! Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll receive from these four Extras:
Kids Extra brings you Boomerang, a collection of kid-friendly on-demand content with Sling Kids and more
Lifestyle Plus Extra provides the Hallmark Channel, VH1, the Cooking Channel and others
Comedy Plus Extra keeps it light with channels like Spike, MTV and GSN
News Extra brings you news from around the world, including HLN

We’re excited to bring you a new way to make your ideal TV experience more accessible and more affordable. To those who are looking for a cable replacement without the hassles of traditional pay-TV, look no further. We’re listening to you!

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Glenn Eisen
Chief Marketing Officer and Customer Champion, Sling TV

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