An Update on Sling Orange and Sling Blue

Hey, Slingers — for those of you who subscribe to Sling Orange and Sling Blue, I want to let you know that we’ll be raising the monthly price of our base services to $30 each, and the monthly subscription to both Sling Orange and Sling Blue to $45.

New Sling TV customers will see the new price starting today, December 23, while existing customers will see the change on their next bill after January 22 (If you make a change to your current subscription, new pricing immediately goes into effect).

Why Is My Price Changing?

Since we launched Sling TV in 2015, we’ve been committed to providing the shows, movies and sports you love at a fair value, and we still offer skinny bundles at a price you can’t get with cable.

Sling doesn’t own the networks you watch—we have to pay programmers for their channels so that we can provide them to you, and the price of programming has been going up. Unfortunately, we have to share those rising prices with you, so we can continue to provide you with the same great experience you’ve come to expect from Sling.

Our team constantly works to make your Sling TV experience the best value. For instance, we have never raised the price of Sling Blue since its launch in 2015, although we have added 17 channels to the service—the most recent today, including Fox News, MSNBC and HLN—plus NFL Network, E!, TLC and Discovery Channel. We have also added Cloud DVR Free, countless features and improved the stability of the service.

For Sling Orange, we haven’t raised the price since June 2018, and we have since added four networks, including Investigation Discovery, Comet, MotorTrend and Stadium, and the ability to record ESPN and Disney channels.

Some of the latest features we’ve launched on Sling include player controls across all recordable channels, new ribbons to help with content discovery, like Trending Live and Recommended for You, as well as improved search and a binge-watching feature.

We’ve also grown one of the largest on-demand libraries to over 126,000 titles across all Sling services, up from the 12,000 titles Sling offered at the end of 2015.

Our Commitment to You

Sling has always thought differently about the pay-TV business. From being the first TV service to ban long-term contracts, cancellation fees and equipment fees, to providing an excellent customer service experience and more, we’re proud to continue delivering the most choice and flexibility at the best value in the industry.

Here are just a few examples of how Sling gives you the power to customize your TV experience:

  • Cloud DVR Free: All Sling subscribers who don’t already subscribe to the Cloud DVR add-on now receive 10 hours of Cloud DVR storage at no added cost. Of course, for Slingers who want the flexibility of more DVR storage, we still offer our Cloud DVR Plus, with 50 hours of storage for $5 per month. Regardless of storage size, all recordings are accessible for as long as you are a paid Sling TV subscriber.
  • Total TV Deal: With Sling’s Total TV Deal, customers can get all seven Sling TV Extras (Sports Extra, Kids Extra, News Extra, Lifestyle Extra, Heartland Extra, Hollywood Extra and Comedy Extra) plus 50 hours of Cloud DVR for only $25 per month with a Sling Orange and Sling Blue subscription. That means you can get Orange, Blue and every Extra, plus 50 hours of Cloud DVR for $70 per month.
  • Free Integrated Locals: Sling TV doesn’t make you pay for local channels, which are transmitted for free over the air via an antenna. Instead, we have created innovative solutions, like AirTV 2, to give you access to all your local channels through the Sling TV experience. Local channel availability depends on geographic location and antenna quality and placement; OTA antenna is sold separately.
  • Sling TV Free: Roku, Amazon and Android customers can experience Sling free, without a subscription. Access free episodes of TV, purchase pay-per-view events or movies, or subscribe to à la carte channels, like Showtime and STARZ, without a base subscription. Credit card required for purchases and à la carte subscriptions.

We are continuing to innovate and add the features and channels you want, so stay tuned for more exciting news from Sling. Lastly, to all our loyal customers who inspire our team daily, thank you for choosing Sling. On behalf of all of my colleagues, we truly appreciate each and every Slinger.

Warren Schlichting

President, Sling TV