Sling offers A La Carte TV at an industry leading price

TV isn’t what it used to be, but we’ve known that for years — that’s why we set out to make it better and give customers what they want. Today, four out of five pay-TV subscribers want A La Carte TV1. Sling TV is the only pay-TV service that allows consumers to pick their personal channel line-up from genres like sports, comedy, kids, news, movies and more. You can start building your perfect TV package for $20 per month and add only the Extras and premium channels you want. In an industry that works to prevent consumer choice, we’re introducing A La Carte TV.

Every day since our team launched Sling TV, we’ve been floored by people’s positive reactions to how Sling TV is different. People love the Sling TV model. They love getting flexibility, choice and control in their TV service. They love getting the channel line-up they want for the best price in the industry, without any long-term contracts, credit checks or strong-arm sales tactics.

As we expected, competitors are coming out of the woodwork. However, we didn’t expect that they’d drag three key pieces of Old TV baggage with them: bloated bundles, higher prices and lack of flexibility. The only choices these competitors give consumers is a big bundle or even bigger bundles. That isn’t the choice consumers want. Plus, they’re making people pay for features and channels they may not want. The “new guys” are missing the point and re-creating the sins of Old TV.

Sling TV refuses to simply replicate the Old TV model. Today, we are doubling down on a concept we think is vital to our customers. We are dedicating ourselves to being the only provider capable of delivering A La Carte TV.

Every consumer would love to just pay $20 and then choose the twenty channels they want. And we would love that too. We would do that in a heartbeat if programmers would let us…but they won’t. So we have fought long and hard to create consumer choice. And we’ve delivered it in a way no pay-TV service has ever been able to do before. With Sling TV, it’s easy and affordable to customize your personal channel lineup–it makes no sense to pay $70 each month just because your kids like to watch Boomerang! (#DIRECTVNOW)

And A La Carte TV goes beyond our domestic service, it applies to Spanish-language programming, too. We know Spanish programming varies by region across the world, so we’ve tailored our offerings to allow for even more customization. Sling TV offers Best of Spanish TV content that any Spanish-speaking viewer can enjoy, regardless of their country of origin. Additionally, Sling TV is the only pay-TV service that offers the ability to subscribe only to programming from a specific region, including Mexico, Spain, South America and the Caribbean. To learn more about our Spanish programming and how we are committed to A La Carte TV, check out what Sling Spanish-language marketing lead Jose Romero says about it.

Finally, don’t forget Sling International programming! Did you know Sling TV offers more than 300 channels across more than 20 language groups for viewers who want international content? And naturally, you pick the language groups you want to watch.

We remain committed to being the A La Carte TV provider that gives consumers more choice than anyone, and we’re just getting started. You can expect to hear a lot more about A La Carte TV from Sling TV soon. Keep up with the latest on A La Carte TV and all the newest announcements from Sling TV: bookmark this blog, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter (@Sling)!

Roger Lynch

Chief Executive Officer, Sling TV


1 Consumer study conducted by Sling TV, Feb. 2017

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